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Glory Bag Culling System

Posted on October 28, 2015 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I'll start off with apologizing for not having any pictures, I used these during the past 3 tournaments i was in and taking pictures were the last thing on my mind.

When BayBass told me about the bags, i was extremely skeptical. I figured that the fish not being able to swim around the livewell would certainly cause me to bring in a bag of dead fish, boy was i wrong.

These bags have been outstanding in use. I have put fish in them as early as 7:45 AM and pulled them out as late as 4:00 PM. Every time i reach into livewell to pull them out, they are docile. After removing them from the glory bag, its like they have awakened from a 3 year nap, full of energy and ready to return to the water. No more chasing them around the livewells and banging themselves against the walls, just reach in grab the bag, open the zipper and slide them out of the glory bag and into the weigh in bag. ITS THAT SIMPLE.

The size of the bags are rather large and can easily fit up to a 4 lb fish in it (and im sure larger), i have not put anything bigger than that in the regular bags. When we had a bigger fish, we would simply just put him in there with the other bags surrounding him. It worked almost just as well, he remained docile the entire time and it gave him cushion against the side of the well. If you have split livewells, due to the size of the bag, you cannot put 5 fish on one side. They need to be split 3 and 2 or you could risk the bass being pressed against each other and preventing them from opening and closing their gills.

The zippers are a key component in this bag, it has duel zippers. Both of the zippers will be on one side when its fully closed. Simply move one of the zippers to create an opening big enough to insert the fish head first into the bag. The push both zippers to opposite side so that the fish can exit head first when you open it again. So far the zippers seem extremely durable and have not gotten hung up once. If the zipper fails, then the bag is rendered useless, however i do not feel that these zippers will fail anytime soon.

Here is the only set back i can see with this system. PRO-AM style tournaments, this bag is not for you. In these tournaments the boater is required to have 5 fish and the non-boater/coangler to have his own 5 fish. As mentioned above, the bags are too large to fit 5 fish on one side of the livewell. You will prevent the bass from opening its gills its you shove 5 fish in glory bags into one side of the livewell. However some pro-am style only allow 3 bass on the co-angler side, in that case it still would be practical to use the glory bags.

In the case of team tournaments though where 5 fish are being separated into 2 sides of the livewell, this is the BEST culling system on the market IMO.

The price is rather high for a culling system than the others on the market. However bringing in dead fish can cost you plenty of money and can cost the fishery even more. Make the investment for yourself and for the fishery.

You can get yours here.

VA to NC 5 days of fishing

Posted on June 15, 2015 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Here is a short video from 5 days of fishing.

The Co-anglers day prior to Tournament

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Here is another vidoe i did not to long ago to help you get in the write place before a tournament from the co-anglers perspective.


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 Also over at The Bass College, we have plenty of more tips for the co-angler.