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Sponsors and Resources

The Bass College offers Bass Fishing Tips, tackle, articles, reports, videos, and live help in our forums from members, guides, and professional anglers. We go the extra mile to provide you with the tools to catch more and bigger bass in tournaments, trophy hunting, or just for fun. Stop in the forums where it all happens 24/7 and get instant responses to questions, and find out how to get free baits with Tackle Warehouse orders.
With the push of a button, Pivothead Originals capture your memories in stunning full HD video and crystal clear audio.  Push another button to snap a pic from the most unique perspective on the planet - your own.

Penetration Hooks is a brand new fishing Hook company bringing innovation to the avid fisherman! We are doing this by offering the newest Fishing Hook design on the market! Penetration Hooks are designed in order to fit closer to the bait while also putting the hook further down on the bait for deeper Hook Penetration and ultimately the perfect Hookset! Orders $15.00 and over now receive Free Shipping!
We are a family owned bass jig making business. We do not have anyone pour our heads. We pour our heads in house with sharp Mustad hooks. We powder paint and cure our heads for a nice hard durable finish. The skirts are also assembled in house. Each jig that you order is made when we get the order. The jigs do not sit on a shelf for months at a time. Our skirts are assembled with a special O-ring collar that will not dry rot like your normal collars. This O-rings give the skirt a nice action unlike the normal rubber collar.

The main purpose of this Protection Device is for the well being and safety of the fish as it is being held throughout the day in a Tournament Environment, or otherwise being held in an aquatic environment.

The fish is kept in a state of ease inside the Protection Device as it is being transported in a live well or floated in the water. The frequent opening and closing of the live well lid does not cause the fish any trauma or excitement.

When the angler reaches in to capture the fish for culling or weighing, the fish is not touch by the hand, only the Protection Device is touched. There is no damage to the fish as it doesn’t have to be chased around the enclosure to be captured.

CAUTION: Make sure to weigh fish head down to avoid damage to tail or fins. Check out for more info. 

Elite Rod Sleeves will maximize your time on the water - making you more productive, more efficient, and ultimately giving you more time to put fish in the livewell.

Please consider using my link to Tackle Warehouse when you plan to make an order. It will help get free baits into the hands of KIDS and MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS.